Barbara L. Ashdown
(In 500 Words or Less)

Just Sayin'

 Heartfelt Expressions of God's Awesome Love for Us

Our Destiny!

Culture is shaped, molded, and transformed by 7 mountains or spheres of influence:

  • Church
  • Family
  • Education 
  • Government
  • Media
  • Art & Entertainment
  • Business

You and I have the responsibility, no, the duty, to become the most powerful, unstoppable force for good in the mountain(s) or the sphere(s) of influence we are destined to conquer. 

The biggest question most have is how do we know the mountain(s) or sphere(s) to which we are called?

Passion. Desire. Passion is the river that carries you to the mountain you are called to conquer. Desire ("de" and "sire") means "of the father." The question, though, is who's your daddy, and what has he laid on your heart about your destiny?

Sometimes you will be called to invade your mountain(s) without there ever being a question as to who's your daddy. The world will see it all over you. You will be called to speak freely and they, the world, will know that you love Jesus and are called by the Father.

Sometimes, though, you are called to invade your mountain(s) or sphere(s) of influence as a Ninja Sheep -- in stealth mode or undercover. 

Queen Esther (from the Bible), for example, was a Ninja Sheep. That is, she was a Jew who "invaded" the political mountain as a non-Jew for the purpose of saving the Jewish people. That was her mission; her destiny; her assignment. She was born for "such a time as this."

Whatever it takes, you and I are going to change the world! Bet on it! You ready? You set? Let's go!